Investment services

We have been supervising and executing building works for many years. By acting on behalf of an investor, we provide organization and management of contracts. Our contribution covers every stage of undertaking, however cooperation at the initial stage gets the best results. As a alternative investor, we offer supervision of a work executor’s selection, financial control of contracts, optimization of technical solutions, specialist consulting, supervision of building works’ correctness and support in legislation processes.

The methodology of project management forms the base of our work. Therefore, we provide a complete smoothness of undertaking progress and quick reaction on potential schedule alterations. Due to our knowledge, experience and the recent tools, we are able to monitor efficiently respective phases of project realization with a full control of its every stage. Our experienced project managers provide the highest standard of their services.

We provide an investor with an added value, leading through a rough investment process
We search for properties and building lands along with a thorough analysis of their value in relation to a specific undertaking
Our optimal design process leads to noticeable time and financial savings for an investor, both at a stage of designing and exploitation.
We manage projects at their realization stage with our authorial and investor

We assist in the indemnification procedure, especially in phases of realization and exploitation of a project’s concept.