Hemlecki GROUP

Maintaining traditions, exploring the future

Beginnings of the today’s Hemlecki Group are dated at the 80’s of the previous century. At that time, the founders of the Group, Janina and Andrzej Hemlecki, focused their services on executing a documentation related to recovery of mining damage.

In 1991, their activity got a legal form of a sole business enterprise on the name of “PW Kosztorys” (“PW cost estimate”). While developing and extending of a range of its activity, there was a foundation of new business entities which form today’s Hemlecki Group managed by the second generation of Hemlecki family represented by sons: Grzegorz and Adam.

The entities of the Hemlecki Group:

  • Hemlecki Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Hemlecki Limited Partnership Company (L.P)
  • Hemlecki Civil Law Partnership

“Together we are strong”

Due to our experience and creativity we advise the investors in many issues
We always do our best to meet quality, budgetary and timely expectations of the investor
We take responsibility for our decisions from the first analysis till the exploitation stage.